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2020-10-25 02:36 am

First Day of the rest. . .

I am slightly concerned that I will lose you all - so of course I have to follow everyone over the what just might be the next big thing.

As is my norm... this is mostly a private journal for my thoughts and feedback for all of the wonderful things I read online. Most, if not all of the posts will be friends locked or private.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you aren't lost.
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2007-02-13 11:07 pm

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Dear Sweet Sweet Anonymous Gifter - THANK YOU!! I don't know that I have ever gotten one of those LJ Virtual Gifts, so thank you for my gift.
You've made my evening!!
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2006-08-05 08:31 pm
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Vox Invites

Hello everyone. I seem to have two Vox invites. If someone wants one drop me a line (leave your e-mail address.)
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2006-02-08 10:32 pm


[ profile] valentinesecret Thank you so much. What a wonderful treat to learn about (special thanks to [ profile] laceymcbain for the heads up) and find. My heart is lovely.
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2004-07-13 06:58 pm


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